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Etabs v21 Enhancements and Download

Enhancements in Etabs v21 as follows:


Detailing of concrete and steel structures, as well as the production and management of schematic design drawings, is now available from a new Detailing menu inside ETABS. It can now handle multiple towers as well.

Feature Image

Detailed reinforcement from beams, slabs, column stacks, and wall stacks can now be exported from ETABS to Autodesk® Revit® through the CSiXRevitTM 2023 plugin to Revit 2023.

Feature Image


Tributary PT tendons are now accounted for in finite element-based design of slabs and cracked-slab deflection analysis (short- and long-term).

Feature Image


Auto-wind load, auto-seismic load, and response-spectrum function based on NBCC 2020 have been added.

Feature Image

Auto-wind load, auto-seismic load, and response-spectrum function based on ASCE 7-22 have been added.

Feature Image

Loads assigned to null lines and null areas applied in any local or global direction are now transferred to the underlying structural floors. In earlier versions only loads in the gravity direction were transferred.


AS 4100:2020 steel frame design has been added.

Feature Image

Eurocode 4-2004 composite column design has been added.

Feature Image


Cracked-section modifiers for beam and floor objects are now included in the database tables.

Feature Image

Nonlinear shear-material state and status output for general wall hinges is now available in the database tables, deformed shape display, and performance-check output.

Feature Image


Performance-check definitions can now be edited when the model is locked and selected for associated tabular output.


Support for .NET 6 has been added including a help topic in the “Key Concepts” folder.

Feature Image


Issues reported by users have been corrected.

Download Links Below:

Setup File

Activator File

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