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Etabs v21 Enhancements and Download

Enhancements in Etabs v21 as follows: DETAILING Detailing of concrete and steel structures, as well as the production and management of schematic design drawings, is now available from a new Detailing menu inside ETABS. It can now handle multiple towers ...

Which is better: ETABS or STAAD Pro?

Which is better: ETABS or STAAD Pro?

STAAD Pro is a general purpose software that can be used for any type of structures like Bridge, but ETABS is customized to analysis and design buildings. In that purpose Staad Pro can be compared to SAP2000 as it can ...

Use of Diaphragm Properly in Etabs Explained in Depth

Use of Diaphragm Properly in Etabs Explained in Depth

First we need to know about Diaphragm Constraint, Rigid & Semi-rigid diaphragm. Lets start- Diaphragm Constraint: We know what are restraint joints (Supported individually) & constraint joints (Connected to each other so their translation & rotation happen together). Diaphragm constraint ...