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Flat Plate Slab: Definition,Advantages and Disadvantages of Flat Plate Slabs

Flat Plate Slab: Definition,Advantages and Disadvantages of Flat Plate Slabs

A flat plate slab is a two-way reinforced concrete slab that usually does not have beams and girders, and the loads are transferred directly to the supporting concrete columns. Flat plate slab does not have drop panel in column zones like Flat Slab.

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What is Flat Slab? - Civil Wale
Fig: Flat Plate Slab

Advantages of Flat Slab

Flat Slabs are used by engineers in many building due to its advantages over other reinforced concrete floor system in different cases. The most important advantages of flat slabs are given below:

1Flexibility in room layout.Partition walls can be placed anywhere.Offers a variety of room layout to the owner.False ceilings can be omitted.
2Reinforcement placement is easier.As reinforcement detailing of flat slab is simple, it is easier to place
3Ease of Framework installation.Big table framework can be used in flat slab
4Building height can be reduced.As no beam is used, floor height can be reduced and consequently the building height will be reduced.Approximately 10% of the vertical member could be saved Foundation load will also reduce.
5Less construction time.Use of big table framework helps to reduce construction time
6Prefabricated welded mesh-Standard sizes, Less installation time, Better quality control.
7Auto sprinkler is easier.

Disadvantages of Flat Slab

Flat slabs have some disadvantages also. The major disadvantages are given below.

1Span length is medium.In flat plate system, it is not possible to have large span.
2Not suitable for supporting brittle (masonry) partitions
3Use of drop panels may interfere with larger mechanical ducting
4Critical middle strip deflection in flat slabs, the middle strip deflection may be critical.
5Higher slab thickness compared to typical reinforced concrete two way slab system, the thickness of flat plate slabs are higher.

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